Creative Lead | 2014-2018

My perilous adventure into indie game development as a creative lead.


After trying on virtual reality goggles we realized that in-game movement in VR easily nauseated the player. Because we felt that accessibility to new players was paramount to the success of VR, we laid out our first principle of design:

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Player Accessibility
Instead of trying to reduce player nausea from in-game movement, we decided to focus on what already felt natural in VR: neck craning. We knew we wanted to design a game around the act of looking.

Enter Classroom Aquatic, the world’s first stealth trivia game...

“Classroom Aquatic is a virtual reality game where you play as a diver exchange student, in a school of dolphins, taking a test that you are not prepared for; and so you need to cheat on other students’ tests in order to beat the game.”

Here are a few environments I designed and developed: